The Studio

Agglomerati collaborates with multidisciplinary designers to create functional art objects in stone.

We connect a diverse network of creatives with the foremost practitioners of stone fabrication throughout Northern Italy. Together, we meld expertise to create an enduring design language, bringing fresh new perspectives to a time-honoured material.

Our pieces are crafted with a deep appreciation for the unwavering beauty of natural stone. The individual character inherent to each block of stone gives every piece its own identity, making each creation a truly one-of-a-kind art object.


From a background in interior design and a career in furniture making, Sam Henley applies intricate knowledge of the industry to introduce a fresh perspective on luxury stone design. Agglomerati's material-focused approach combines a range of processes that blur the line between producer and gallery. As a curator, Henley leads a cohesive narrative from conception to execution.


We manage the design and production of custom marble furnishings for Interior Designers and Architects who wish to create something unique for their projects. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.